F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018)
F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018) F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018)

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Descriere produs F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018)

F1 - dark - 2kg (s0770018)

Part of the massively successful F1 range, F1 Dark is the perfect mix to use either on its own or to darken down other groundbaits.

It is one of our most versatile groundbaits because it performs equally as well through the warmer months as it does when the colour drops out of the water over winter.

Developed by Des Shipp for catching F1’s and commercial carp F1 has proven to be a revolution in modern fishmeal based groundbaits. It has also proven to be very successful with skimmers too. Since its release it has been the groundbait of choice by many top anglers and proved devastating in many matches at many different venues. By adding our unique blend of sweet attraction to a blend of fishmeals and crushed pellets we have created a groundbait which starts catching from the whistle and with prolonged holding power ensure the fish stay in your swim.

It is easy to mix and binds well to a method feeder and breaks down quickly, this is all down to the ingredients used. The fine fishmeal particles create an inactive mix when dampened which is perfect for a rapid breakdown of feed around the hook. It can also be balled, or cupped in as slop.

F1 Dark is part of a bigger range including hookbaits, feed pellets, pastes and liquids which can all be used by themselves or in conjunction with other baits.

Mixing Guidelines

F1 Dark is simple to mix. Empty the 2kg bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 2 pint maggot tub with water, pour this onto the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then allow it to rest for 30 minutes, during this time the water will be absorbed into the groundbait. Then for best results; to remove any lumps and create an even consistency, pass the groundbait through a riddle and it is ready to use.

When fishing sun and wind may dry the groundbait out a little, to combat this you can cover the mixed groundbait with a damp towel or if it does dry out just add a little more water and mix again.

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